Recent papers

Water use efficiency of global forests has increased with rising atmospheric CO2, but the increase slowed by half over the 20th century (Nature Climate Change; Adams, Buckley and Turnbull)

Canopy distribution of photosynthetic capacity in relation to light differs widely across diverse genotypes of wheat (AoBP; Salter et al)

Plant responses to rising VPD (Tansley Review, New Phytologist; Grossiord et al)

A new theory for trait multi-functionality (Integrative and Comparative Biology; Sack and Buckley)

WUE acclimates to elevated CO2 differently in dry and wet tropical forests (Nature Communications; Adams, Buckley and Turnbull)

The role of the biophysical context of guard cells in stomatal responses to water status (Tansley Review, New Phytologist; Buckley)


 – genetic variation in photosynthetic induction kinetics in wheat (Salter et al) PDF

 – predicting maximum stomatal conductance with an in situ leaf pressure sensor (Rodriguez-Dominguez et al) PDF

 – implications of unsaturated airspaces in leaves (Buckley and Sack)

-OCTOflux (Salter et al)

-hydraulic physiology in Arabidopsis (Scoffoni et al)

-bias in ceptometry in row crops (Salter et al)

-mesophyll conductance in chickpeas (Shrestha et al)

-reforestation for resilience (North et al)

-3D complexity in leaves (Earles et al)

On 01 May 2018, Tom will become Chief Editor of AoBP (AoB PLANTS), a non-profit, open-access sound-science journal for the plant sciences. Big changes coming to the journal after a re-launch in July! Stay tuned…

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